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Peter Rabbit 2

Peter Rabbit wasn’t for everyone, but there’s no doubt it tore up the British box office, with a £50 million gross that made it the number 1 family film of 2018 (just ahead of Disney Pixar’s Coco). The film even caused some controversy, with its infamous allergy-shaming scene (in which blackberry-allergic Mr McGregor is pelted with the fruit until he goes into anaphylactic shock, prompting Telegraph critic Robbie Collin to say, “It is a horrible scene – not because allergies are comedically untouchable, but because it makes Peter an irredeemably nasty piece of work.” Still, money talks, and with $350 million in global box office – not to mention revenue from merchandising and home entertainment – a sequel was inevitable. Move over Harry Potter, the Beatrix Potter franchise is here!

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