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The Call of the Wild

They do make ’em like they used to

When Jack London’s adventure novel The Call of the Wild was first published in 1903, a month after its serialisation in The Saturday Evening Post, it became an instant classic. And no wonder – London’s story about Buck, a dog stolen from his well-to-do home and sold into servitude as a sled dog in Canada’s frozen Yukon territory in the 1890s, was based on London’s own year in the region during the gold rush. Yet its authenticity was only part of its charm; it was also a vividly told adventure yarn about the triumph of the canine spirit, and an early example of a form of literature told from an animal’s point of view. The first of many film adaptations arrived in 1923, and now, nearly a century later (with many other versions in between), here’s a brand new film based on London’s legendary novel – and what a cracking movie it is.

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